# BigThingsFromHeaven


Our Story

On December 20th, 2016 our life turned upside down in an instant. Our beautiful son Knox was 3.5 months old when he fell asleep and never woke up. The heartache and devastation from his loss is the worst thing a parent can ever feel. Our sweet baby with his infectious smile was gone just like that. It is like living in your worst nightmare that you never awake from. 

It was while walking through this horrific pain that we realized there was something we had to do to try to help prevent other families from feeling this agony. If anything positive were to come from this it would be that our Knox could help other babies. Knox's purpose was to do great things, even if it is from heaven instead of earth. 

If we would have had a way to know, to be alerted, when he stopped breathing there is a very good chance that he could have been saved and he would still be with us. After a lot of research and speaking to other parents we found that a device exists that monitors infant heart rates and oxygen levels while they sleep. The device alerts you if the levels are abnormal. This device is the Owlet Smart Sock.

Our mission for Knox became very clear to us very quickly. We need to get as many Smart Socks on as many babies as we can. A lot of parents have no idea that a monitoring system like this exists, or maybe they do but are not in a position where they can buy one for their baby.

We are sharing our story and using it to hear your story and to help. If you are not able to afford an Owlet Smart Sock, please fill out our online application. Tell us your story and why it is important to you to have an Owlet for your little loved one.  Owlet has agreed to match Knox Blocks dollar-for-dollar. Every Smart Sock we purchase through Knox Blocks will be matched!

If you do not need an Owlet but would like to help we would love for you to donate to Knox Blocks. With your donations we can reach more families and more infants.  

We love you so much Knox Owen and we miss you every second, of every single day XXOX