Giving families peace of mind for their little ones.

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Our mission

Our mission is simple. We want families in need to have a little extra peace of mind and a little piece of Knox. We raise money through donations to purchase Owlet Smart Socks. The Owlet Smart Sock is worn by infants to track their oxygen level and heart rate. Parents are alerted if the levels fall outside of range. We believe every infant needs an Owlet Smart Sock and we are determined to provide to as many families as possible.


Every dollar counts and every dollar we raise helps provide a baby with an Owlet Smart Sock. We greatly appreciate donations of any size!

If you would like to make a $300 donation to receive an Owlet for a baby in your life please contact us and select the “donate to receive” option in the dropdown menu when you make your donation (P.S. By doing this you are also providing Owlets to TWO other infants in need with our match from Owlet - how AWESOME is that!?!).


If you are not able to afford an Owlet Smart Sock, please fill out our online application. Tell us your story and why it is important to you to have an Owlet for your little loved one. Please remember, while we wish we could fulfill every application we are unable to do so. Our foundation runs completely on donations and we do not have enough funding for every infant (BUT WE WISH WE DID!). If you do not hear back from us within 2-3 weeks after applying it is because we unfortunately are not able to provide one to you. We HATE this part and our dream is that one day every infant goes home with a Smart Sock.


“We need to get as many Smart Socks on as many babies as we can.”

ELISHA PALMER  |  Co-Founder

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Supported by Owlet

We understand how expensive having a baby is and we know not everyone is in a financial position to purchase an Owlet Smart Sock. We want to help those who cannot afford to buy an Owlet because we feel that every baby deserves one. Owlet is matching the Knox Blocks Foundation two to one. This means for every Owlet we purchase, they donate two additional Owlets to us! Because of their incredible generosity we are able to reach many more families!

“Owlet has agreed to match the Knox Blocks Foundation two-to-one. For every Owlet we purchase, Owlet donates two to us.”

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

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