When we tragically lost our son, Knox, at 3.5 months old we had no idea how we were going to survive. Deep down we knew we had to find a way because we owed it to him. It was our job as his parents to give his life and death a purpose to help others.

We started the Knox Blocks Foundation in his honor. Since launching in April of 2017 we have been providing the Owlet Smart Socks to families in need across the country. The Owlet tracks infant heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. If either level goes outside of a normal range, caregivers and parents are alerted. The purpose of the Owlet is to deliver the right information at the right time, giving the chance to intervene and possibly save the life of a little one.

In 2 years we have provided over 3,000 Owlets across the country.

While helping families in need, we felt there was more we should be doing. This is where our Green Glow Project begins. The Green Glow Project gives childcare providers the same opportunities we have been giving parents. We are now donating Owlets to registered in-home child care providers and licensed daycare centers across the state of Iowa.

To date, we have 250 infants in daycares in Iowa using an Owlet. But our work is far from being done. This is only the beginning.

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

Our dream is to someday have an Owlet on every child in daycare and in time see the infant mortality rate at daycare significantly decrease. You can help make this a reality. You can help us be the change. Our babies deserve it.

Knox’s impact

All of the sweet faces Knox has helped from heaven.