Green Glow Project


The Green Glow Project provides Owlets to all registered and licensed childcare providers in the state of Iowa. The Owlet tracks infant heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep, letting you know if something is abnormal by alarming you.

Can anyone be a part of this program?

Any registered in-home daycare or licensed daycare enter is able to participate in this program.

How do I get my daycare in the Green Glow Project?

It’s simple! Fill out this form and submit for consideration.

Are there any costs associated with this program?

We donate the Owlets to you for FREE (that’s why we do lots of fundraising!) and provide one to every single infant in your care or infant room. You do need to have an iPad in order for the application to work and you may need to install a shelving unit or router closer to your Owlets. Considering an Owlet costs $300, that’s not a bad deal!

Can I nominate my child’s daycare for this program?

We actually need to hear directly from your daycare provider to make sure they are interested. You can certainly let them know about the project and the steps they need to take!

How long does it take to setup?

Currently we have a pretty good size waitlist and we fulfill the list in the order the submissions are received. Once you contact us we walk you through all of the next steps.

For any further questions, contact us at

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Baby Sutton’s lifesaving story

We are so thankful for our Owlet Smart Sock at daycare!

We received a phone call from our daycare provider, Kidsville, that our son Sutton had a sudden drop in his oxygen levels. Little did we know, respiratory issues would surface later that week.

The Owlet Smart Sock sounded the red alert almost a week prior to his sickness. I knew where his general heart rate ran because we have an Owlet at home too. I knew instantly when I got the call it was running higher than we were used to seeing.

We truly believe the Owlet Smart Sock warned us before he was showing visible signs of being sick.

Days after our red alert, Sutton ended up being hospitalized with Adeno virus, Parainfluenza, Rino virus, Entro virus and viral pneumonia.

—Tabra Stetler, Green Glow Project Mom