Luke & Landon | Owlet Leads to Hospital Stay

Meet our newest Knox Blocks twins (identical!!), Mr. Luke and Mr. Landon! 


These sweet little guys were born at 35 weeks and 4 days. Luke was in the NICU for a few days after birth, both boys staying in the hospital for a week. Having one newborn baby brings on stress and anxiety but having 2 newborn babies doubles those fears. We were honored that we could provide these two with Owlets.

We heard from their momma recently who told us about an incident they experienced with their Owlet that actually lead to a 3 day hospital stay for both boys.

Landon's Owlet went off twice one morning. He appeared to be ok but mom decided to take both of their temps and they were running fevers of 100+ fevers. They took them to the pediatrician and after chest x-rays, EKGs and virus swabs they were admitted into the hospital for 3 days due to rhino-enterovirus. This is a common cold to adults but much more serious for preemies.


Three days later both boys were doing great but the experience was definitely scary for mom and dad! They are so grateful that the boys had their Owlets to give that little nudge that something was wrong and that they caught it before it could have been much worse. And we are so happy they had their Owlets and a special little boy in Heaven watching over them.