Remembering Drew

On August 9th, 2016, 10 week old Andrew (Drew) Ebner went to Heaven leaving his family heartbroken and devastated. The cause of death - SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Drew had a sweet, calm personality. He had a great smile, especially when he saw his big sister! He liked to talk and had a cute squawky voice. He was the best snuggler.

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Last summer Drew's aunt reached out to us. His family wanted to have a Drew Day in his honor. His sweet cousins Abbie & Brady put together a Sip-n-Snack Shack for SIDS (we couldn't love this more!) and all of the money raised they donated to Knox Blocks. They ended up raising enough money for 4 Owlets Smart Socks!! 

When Drew's angel anniversary came around this year his family once again wanted to honor him and find a way to give back to the community that helped support them during their loss. Drew's mom told us, "Times like these highlight the importance of family, friends, and community and what better way to celebrate Drew’s life by spending the day with those we love." 

They offered their community and support system a FREE day at their local Splash Pad for kids to enjoy along with their families. Drew’s cousins, Abbie & Brady once again served beverages from their Snack Shack to raise funds for Knox Blocks. They set out with a goal to increase the number of Smart Socks they were able to raise money for from last year.

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We were speechless when they contacted us afterwards to tell us they raised enough money for 22 monitors with our match from Owlet!!! We are so grateful to Drew's family but we are even more in awe by the way Drew has touched so many lives from his 10 weeks on earth and from Heaven.

Drew Ebner, you will never be forgotten, forever in our hearts, and we will honor Drew's Day always.

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