Change Begins With Our Stories

Recently we met a momma who has a story that she wants to, needs to, scream from the rooftop until everyone listens.

Her story is not an easy read. It will break your heart into pieces. It will make you hold your babies just a little longer tonight. Most importantly we hope when you are finished reading, her message is loud and clear and the world will in fact, start to change.

Haley’s story.

"From the moment he was laid on my chest I was so in love. I couldn't believe I was holding the baby I had been longing to meet for 9 months. We were mesmerized by our little boy. The first time he smiled a real smile I cried tears of joy. His daddy could make him laugh like no one else. We had never been so happy. 

It was a typical Sunday evening. Our sweet baby Lucas was just 8 weeks old. His daddy was on the couch watching football with Lucas laying on his chest and I had dozed off on the other couch. I woke up around midnight and immediately looked for Lucas. His dad was now asleep on the couch. I woke him to ask where Lucas was and that is when we both realized he was laying between his daddy’s arm and the couch, not breathing.

The moments that passed after this is a blur. I called 911 frantically while his dad began CPR. We were hysterical. When the paramedics finally arrived we knew then our boy was gone. It had been 12 minutes since the moment I had called 911 and the ambulance was pulling in the driveway. We learned later that Lucas was probably gone before I ever called.

In an instant our lives changed forever. My story is not to place blame on a horrible accident, but to spread the message wide and far so that this never happens to another infant. I have decided to make it my mission to spread Lucas’s’ story so all parents know it could easily happen to them because like you, we never thought it could happen to us.

The way Lucas would look at me with his long eye lashes and big brown eyes is forever frozen in my heart. I would give anything to see that smile again and touch his cute little nose.

I believe in my heart if we had read a story like this prior to losing him our angel may still be here on this earth. He would be getting spoiled at Christmas, smashing his first birthday cake and filling our house with laughter..

I feel it is my purpose in life to now bring awareness of the dangers of falling asleep with a baby to all new parents.”

Lucas’s parents never thought something like this would happen to them. No parent ever thinks something like this will happen to them - until it does happen to them. Please share Lucas’s story. You have no idea what mommy or daddy could be reading this right now and changing the way they do things to keep their baby safe.

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Elisha Palmer